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Our hearts are heavy following the devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquakes that struck Syria and Turkey during the early morning of February 6. We encourage you to pray for the rescue and rehabilitation efforts, and for Christians on the ground doing ministry in this area.


Rev. Marsha Scipio, director of Baptist World Aid, has offered the following prayer points:

  • The rescue of persons who are still alive and under the rubble

  • For those families who lost loved ones and/or their loved ones are currently missing

  • For shelter, clothing, food for the displaced persons

  • Wisdom for those making decisions about the disaster response in both Turkey and Syria

  • For there to be cooperation in Syria in order for persons to get the humanitarian aid that is desperately needed

  • For the compounded pain of the millions of displaced persons in Syria and Lebanon

  • For the winter storms in the regions to cease to make rescue missions easier

  • For the churches and clergy in the region to be a source of support and encouragement

  • For responders to operate with compassion and care for all those with whom they come in contact

  • For the Hungarian Baptist Aid Rescue24 Team

  • For the leadership of the Turkish Baptist Alliance

  • For the leadership of the Baptist Convention of Syria


If you would like to provide financial support, here are two of our VRBC partners who are doing great work in the disaster recovery and would welcome your donations.


CBF is a member of the Baptist Forum for Aid and Development (BFAD), a lobal network of Baptist World Alliance partners who coordinate and collaborate together to streamline operations in responses like this. Hungarian Baptists have deployed a search and rescue team of 19 specialists and seven search dogs late in the evening of Feb. 6. Aid and assistance are desperately needed for food, shelter, winter clothing and medical care. Long-term efforts will include transitional shelters, restoring livelihoods and homes, with a particular focus on individuals and groups which are marginalized and overlooked by larger programs. Read more.


Please give generously to support CBF’s earthquake response in Turkey and Syria here.


Commonly known as Texas Baptist Men, TBM volunteers have served sacrificially around the world since 1967 after every natural disaster in the United States and after many disasters worldwide. By donating to TBM International Relief, you can deliver help and hope to those in Syria and Turkey who were devastated by the earthquakes. Through trusted partners on the ground, TBM is providing generators, blankets, food, bottled water, and other critical relief supplies. As these partners distribute the goods, they will be ministering to people, helping them work through the trauma they experienced, and take the first steps in the recovery process. Read more.


Please give generously to support TBM’s earthquake response in Syria and Turkey here.

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