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About Valley Ranch Baptist Church

At Valley Ranch Baptist Church ("VRBC"), our mission is inviting diverse and disconnected people to passionately follow Jesus together. For more than 35 years, VRBC has been shining the light of the gospel into our local communities of Valley Ranch and Coppell, the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and beyond. God has blessed us with a beautifully diverse community, but many of our neighbors are tragically disconnected from God and each other. Our greatest joy is to see people transformed and united by Christ’s grace for God’s glory.

Ministry at VRBC is organized around four priorities: Worship, Grow, Serve, and Invite. Far from just being words on a website, those four priorities drive our programming as we engage with God together in worship, gather around God’s Word in small groups, serve our community and world in tangible ways, and invite all those around us to follow Jesus with us.

Valley Ranch Student Ministry (VRSM)

Our student ministry is made up of 6th-12th grade students with diverse backgrounds and interests who have formed close bonds of friendship with one another. Like our church as a whole, our students are passionate about serving, and one of their most beloved traditions is an annual summer mission trip to various major cities around the US. The students are also very active in serving throughout the year in our children’s ministry, Welcome Team, outreach ministries, and many other areas. One of our student ministry’s greatest assets is its adult leaders, who invest in our students at weekly middle school and high school Grow Groups, our midweek Bible Study on Wednesday nights (MDWK), and monthly Family Groups.


When we moved here from South Carolina about 5 years ago, I was lost and didn’t have any friends. When I visited VRSM and was welcomed with a warm smile, I felt like I had found a second home. Christ has really changed my life through the meaningful discussions and wonderful community I have experienced at VRSM. It truly is a life-changing group!


I love VRSM because everyone there loves one another like family. The whole ministry is very inclusive and all the leaders are easy to talk to in times of struggle and are there to support you when you succeed. I have made some of my best friends through the ministry and also been able to watch each other grow in Christ and grow together, which has been one of my favorite things since joining the ministry!


VRSM has helped me grow spiritually by showing me what it’s like to love Jesus and love others, but also how to put that into practice by serving the community and laughing together. My relationship with Jesus would not be as strong as it is today without VRSM and the many people and leaders who have invested in me.

VRSM has shown me the purpose and joy found in having Godly community. Being able to walk alongside such a great group of people has made it easier to be bold and grow in my faith. The people here are so special and their love for the Lord is evident by how they love others and invite them into our student ministry. VRSM has taught me how to pursue a deeper faith and seek Christ above all other things.






About the Student Pastor


The Student Pastor at VRBC is a spiritual and organizational leader responsible for leading all aspects of the student ministry of the church. He or she will serve as a pastor to the congregation and in particular all 6th-12th grade students, leading and inspiring them to know, imitate, and share Jesus, together with their parents and adult leaders. Primary responsibilities include engaging students who are already in the church and seeking to reach those who are not; shepherding and discipling students; recruiting, developing and shepherding volunteers; and leading all aspects of student ministry programming.

As a member of the VRBC Staff, the Student Pastor will work collaboratively with other staff members and lay leaders to accomplish the mission God has given us. The Student Pastor will create a Christ-centered environment in which all students feel welcomed and appreciated so that they might experience the Holy Spirit’s redemptive work in their lives. In response to the grace the students receive, we encourage and equip them to worship, grow, serve, and invite together with our entire church.


The Student Pastor will:

  1. Cast a compelling vision for the student ministry in line with VRBC’s mission of inviting diverse and disconnected people to passionately follow Jesus together.

  2. Engage a growing number of students, leading them to worship, grow, serve, and invite, and discipling them and their parents to know, imitate, and share Jesus.

  3. Enlist, encourage, equip, and empower a growing team of adult and student leaders who invest personally in students and point them to Jesus.

  4. Ensure all student ministry events are safe, fun, relevant, and inviting.

  5. Lead the creative use and proactive upkeep of the student ministry media, communication, and ministry environments

  6. Seek to maintain a solid personal relationship with students and families and be available for counseling and pastoral care

  7. Connect with involved and uninvolved students “on their turf” (in schools, around the community, at games, etc.) and inspire all other VRSM leaders to do the same.

  8. Participate fully as a member of VRBC and the staff team by embracing the mission and strategy of the church – Worship, Grow, Serve and Invite.  This includes participating in worship and Grow Groups, being an active participant in church events/gatherings, serving regularly, engaging in pastoral care, contributing financially to the church and attending staff meetings.

  9. Serve as a member of the Family Ministry Team, together with the Associate Pastor, Adults Pastor, and Children’s Pastor, which meets regularly to equip and resource families.

  10. Set and monitor the progress of short- and long-term personal and professional goals to build the effectiveness of the Valley Ranch Student Ministry within the mission and vision of the church.

  11. Develop and manage the student ministry budget.

The ideal candidate will:

  1. Be rooted in the Word, demonstrating a strong faith and personal relationship with Jesus

  2. Embrace the mission and values of VRBC

  3. Possess excellent relational skills

  4. Demonstrate emotional intelligence, maturity, and humility

  5. Be an effective and compelling communicator – with youth, parents, staff, leaders

  6. Demonstrate reliability, following through on their commitments

  7. Be adaptable and resilient, adjusting to changing circumstances

  8. Value collaboration, working well with others and being a team player

  9. Be a lifelong learner, welcoming coaching and feedback 

  10. Graciously and effectively deal with conflict, stress, and challenges, maintaining a positive, fun-loving attitude

  11. Have a bachelor's degree (required) and seminary training (preferred)

  12. Be experienced, with a history of success

About Coppell & Valley Ranch


A community with a small-town feel and big-city conveniences is just one way to describe the Coppell/Valley Ranch area. Consistently rated as one of the best places to live, raise a family, and attend public schools in Texas by, Coppell/Valley Ranch is situated near the heart of the DFW Metroplex.


In quaint Old Town Coppell, you can spend Saturday morning shopping for local produce at the Farmers Market, grab some lunch at one of the local restaurants, enjoy boutique shopping, and then relax while participating in family-friendly events at the brand new Arts Center. The community of Valley Ranch, located within the larger city of Irving, shares many of the same features as Coppell, and portions of the community are zoned for Coppell ISD. The Sound at Cypress Waters is one of the newest, fastest-growing areas in Coppell/Valley Ranch for restaurants, nightlife, and outdoor concerts.


The Coppell/Valley Ranch area offers easy access to world-class entertainment, fantastic restaurants, professional and recreational sports, and plentiful parks and green spaces. More importantly, it is home to thousands of people who have yet to experience the joy of following Jesus. If you’d like to be a part of helping make that happen, we’d love to visit with you!

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